Perry E Newton
Perry E Newton

Think Big  ~  Think Positive  ~  Think Different

Perry E Newton obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a concentration in Management along with a minor in Computer Science from Pensacola Christian College.  Perry is currently working on completing his MBA from Edinburgh Napier University.  Shortly after beginning his professional career at Cable Bahamas, he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.

2004 proved to be one of the best years in Perry’s life as this was the year when he would mee the love of his Life Esther Naomi.  The two would marry a few years later on July 7th 2007.  Up to this day, they continue to share in each other’s love and passion for each other.

Perry was always an avid music lover and in his childhood learned to play the clarinet and trumpet both instruments he played in the Gospel Fellowship Church Band and S.C McPherson Secondary School Band.  Perry later learned to play the keyboard and bass guitar which he played during church services.

It was in 2006 that Perry Licensed the company Ibsounds Entertainment which enable him to freely express his creativity and business innovation capability.  In 2012 Perry decided to refocus solely on the rental side of his business.

In 2014 Perry was elected to the board of the National Tennis Centre located in Nassau, Bahamas; where he served until 2018.  He was appointed as Public Relations Officier of the BLTA in 2015 where he worked diligently to raise the awareness and increase the visibility of the association and its athletes. He was elected as the Treasurer of the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association where he served two years from 2016-2018.  2018-2020 Perry served as a council member on the association’s board and as head of junior development.  2020 Perry was elected President of the BLTA with a vision to create a sustainable environment in which tennis could operate across the Bahamas.

Perry has two primary mottos that he carries as his mantra throughout every aspect of his life: “if you ga do it, do it properly”, and “people can put you in a box but you determine the label”.